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It’s like slamming on the brakes at 100 miles per hour.  I had never experienced anxiety until recently, and wow, did it stop me in my tracks!

Let me back up a bit.  

My father was abusive physically and mentally. I was homeless for a short stent when I was a teenager. I had developed a bad temper and had no coping skills.  Stress and fear up until around 40ish was my norm.  Peace and happiness were not my every day till around 46. So, when I found peace, it became like a drug that I craved.

I spent many of my years with no purpose, out of shape, unhappy, and honestly just depressed.  I was at a point where I had to decide to give up living or choose life consciously.  Fortunately, a few people in my life made it worth living, so I decided to live, grow my mind, and get in shape. This decision forced me to leave a 20-year marriage.

I dove into books on mind, body, and soul.  Author David Hawkins played a considerable role in my transformation.  I hired a trainer, worked on my weight, and completely changed my diet.

After years of this process and reading over 40+ self-development books, I started understanding the human condition in ways few people do.  I could defeat fears, walk away from stress, and live mostly peacefully and happily.

Fast forward to my most recent insanity.  

Recently, I struggled with work, relationships, place of residence, and many other critical life decisions.  I found myself in a place of indecision.  I craved an answer that satisfied me. Without realizing what was happening, I began experiencing extreme anxiety.  My life came to a screeching halt.  I encountered the death spiral down in the middle of indecisiveness and fear. Each symptom often forced me further and further down that spiral.  My blood pressure shot up, I couldn’t be around people, I couldn’t sit still, and I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even drink water without feeling like I was choking. The effects of indecision were harmful!

My saving grace is that I had learned to overcome fear in the past, and I knew I could use the same method to defeat this anxiety.  I share this experience to acknowledge that if you are experiencing anxiety, this can help. I can also support you through this process.

The process:

I started catching the thought that preceded a burst of anxiety.  There were several.  *You must realize that in the beginning, anxiety comes from an unconscious level because we have not brought it to the surface.

Once I began making these moments conscious, I could question the thoughts that were causing my anxiety.  Writing them down can support examining their origins.  

Once I examined each thought, I could see what was happening.  I had to make some decisions to help win this battle. When the same thoughts come to mind, I recognize their danger and now control where they go.  If something needs to be done or changed, I do it.  I can now dismiss it if nothing needs altering, and I recognize it’s just a negative thought.

In some cases, you may need to seek a professional if your anxiety is health and life-threatening. When you’re ready, The Connection Effect is here to support you and guide you to work through these struggles. 

Let’s get there together.


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