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Reconnecting Through Raw Conversations; revitalizing Coffee and Conversations!

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Recently, I was invited to join a close friend and fellow coach in her horse corral to be interviewed IN THE RAW! Yeah, no script. No structure. Just an honest, authentic conversation about what it's like to journey through to this moment we're living in right now.

Want to watch or listen? Check it out Here:

Coffee in the Corral - Coach & Freedom for the Taking Founder, Abigail Hobbs

That moment got me thinking about all of the places and spaces I've had the opportunity to share with others in their journeys. And how I utilized my desire to connect with others and their missions to change the world. I was reminded that I, too, had taken on a journey similar to my friend's initiative to invite community members to share their work to create a ripple in the world.

It was meant to be a space to collaborate with others and to allow guests to discuss their products and services offered to clients while we also touched on the inspiration and aspirations we experience through human connections.

I'm excited to announce that we're bringing it back! We're going to begin booking these co-hosting sessions starting March 1st! You'll have an opportunity to check out the past interviews as well as connect with the newest co-hosts! In fact, we've added some new faces to The Connection Effect, so you'll get the best content EVER!

Want to know how to subscribe? Head over to our YouTube channel to stay in the know!

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